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Need social media? There is a gal for that. Need a website, someone knows a guy for that. Need computer help? Of course, there is a guy for that. Sooner or later, you will have more guys and gals than you can handle, when all you want (and need) is a single point of contact for your office tech needs. Teffecx Consulting is that single gal/guy.

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You've been thinking about hosting an online contest to promote a new product or service, feature a special promotion, and drive more traffic to your website. However, this is different than a &dlquot;business card in a fishbowl&drquot; contest at your front counter. Online, you need formal contest rules, privacy policies and structures that keep contestants from gaming the system. Teffecx Company has hosted online contest packages for years. Let us turn that experience into your drive for a wider product recognition, and potentially more customers!

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Our Services

Computer Consulting

Who We Serve: Our primary client is a one to ten person professional office.

What We Sell: Our main product is annual maintenance service agreement plans to manage your website, computer network or digital operations (email, hosting, social media, support, training, etc.). We can perform time/billing services, but mainly seek longer term relationships.

How You Know You Need Us: (1). You can no longer manage your growing computer, website and office tech needs, and/or (2). The persons who did this for you walked out of the door!

Penny Wise/Pound Foolish is True for Technology, Too!

Contest Marketing

Who We Serve: Our primary clients are any organization who wants to run a professional, online contest.

What We Sell: An online contest platform that provides your organization to engage your online audience with a marketing tool to help your marketing efforts via contests.

How You Know You Need Us: You discover that running an online contest is fraught with rules, regulations and legal issues that could get you into trouble, damage your reputation and is very much different than local contests your generally run.

In a Poorly Run Contest, the Odds Are Always Against You!

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Managing your Digital Life<br><h3>Technical Administration Maintenance Agreement Plan</h3><h4>Annual Contract</h4><h4>Manage all login accounts (Email, web, social media, Google/Gmail, Transaction, Event)</h4><h4>Grant/Revoke access to staff as needed</h4><h4>One place to call for support - Call Teffecx, Teffecx contacts support</h4><h4>Keep track of access accounts and expiration notices</h4><h4>Up to 5 users, custom plans available</h4>Digital Management
Managing your Website<br><h3>Website Administration Maintenance Agreement Plan</h3><h4>Manage website, Small, routine changes, image editing support </h4><h4>One place to call for support - we call hosting company</h4><h4>Domain and hosting expiration renewal notice - keep track of expiring accounts</h4><h4>Periodic backup of website</h4><h4>Website access administration, manage access to site</h4><h4>Up to 10 pages</h4><h4>Full website development available (both desktop and mobile)</h4>Website Management
Managing your Digital Network<br><h3>Computer Systems Tech Support Maintenance Agreement Plan</h3><h4>Annual Contract</h4><h4>Office up to 3 users/10 devices, Any combination of computers, mobile devices, router and printers</h4><h4>Apple preferred brand</h4><h4>Onsite or Offsite Support</h4><h4>Perform maintenance, support and backup</h4><h4>General technical and network support</h4><h4>Installation/upgrade hardware, software available</h4><h4>Onboarding/Training of new staff, users</h4>Network Management
Turn  Contests into Audiences!<br><h3>Contest Maintenance Agreement Plan/Favorite Song Friday</h3><h4>You supply the prize, we handle the contest</h4><h4>We take care of the logistics: Contest rules, Terms of service and privacy policy</h4><h4>Connect to Potential Customers!</h4><h4>Test a new product or market</h4><h4>Secure Platform</h4>Contests
Turn  Contests into Audiences!<br><h3>Contest Maintenance Agreement Plan/Post Parlay</h3><h4>Custom Design to mirror your website</h4><h4>Setup and start your contest!</h4><h4>Boilerplate contest rules, terms of service and privacy policy</h4><h4>Contest questions</h4><h4>Customized reporting</h4><h4>Secure Platform</h4>Contest Management
Turn  Contests into Audiences!<br><h3>Contest Maintenance Agreement Plan/Contest Street</h3><h4>Custom Design to mirror your website</h4><h4>Customized data collection form for prospects</h4><h4>Setup and start your contest!</h4><h4>Boilerplate contest rules, terms of service and privacy policy</h4><h4>Secure Platform</h4>Contests
Turn  Contests into Audiences!<br><h3>Included in all plans:</h3><h4>30% - 35% off ala carte pricing beyond monthly plan</h4><h4>Email support</h4><h4>Newsletter and tips</h4><h4>Offsite backup of sensitive (usernames, passwords) information</h4><h4>Recommendations for upgrades, systems purchases</h4><h4>Annual Contract</h4>All Plans



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