Providing Great Benefits! - FSF/PP Benefits

No Hassle Setup: We setup, monitor and run all contests. We determine the winner, and award the prizes. All you do is submit your gift card or certificate prize!1

Contest Legitimacy: Contests run by a third party are seen as more trustworthy!

Monitoring of Games: Contests can quickly degenerate into postings of advertising spam or online fights, chasing away your audience. We monitor our games, delete offending posts, and sanction users who might detract from an enjoyable experience.

Extended Advertising: We have built up our own network of game players, and we make them aware of games from our partners that may be of interest to them!

Other Benefits of Sponsoring Games!

Test New Products or Combinations! Have a product or service that you are not sure how it might be received? Use our contests to gage interest.

Limited Test Marketing! Want to introduce a new product or service? Again, we can provide an audience for your marketing.

Drive New Traffic to your Website! Your product prize, in addition to our online advertising and notification services, can drive new traffic to your website!

Drive New Business to your Company! Along with special game offers, you can use our contest platform to drive new business to your doorstep!

Increase your chances of getting that new business today with a risk-free Goodie Bag Prize! Click here for pricing details and to get started!

1Larger prizes can be awarded. Contact Teffecx for details!

Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!