Creating Great Contests!

We have created and run hundreds of contests in the nearly six years of our existence. We know what works, what excites audiences, and how to keep contests interesting and moving along. We monitor our games, so you won't see some of the nonsense you see on other sites, and if we power your games we will extend that patrol to yours!

Our Contests are interactive, so they are much more than a collection of names attracted to a signup sheet or business card drop for a prize. They are enjoyable experiences that keep players engaged, coming back several times within a contest. For a sponsor, that presents many more opportunities for your brand to be seen, and it is associated with a memorable and positive experience.

As a sponsor, you get feedback as to how your sponsored game is progressing. From the first post to the last, and all those in between, you'll get to see what players like or don't like (YIKE's). You'll get more insight into what excites them and influences their tastes, more than you could ever get from a "pull the name from a hat" type of contest.

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Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!