Providing Great Features! - FSF/PP Features

SSL Encryption - Secure site that significantly reduces the risk of tampering with the site from the outside by encrypting the transmission between player and game.

Contest Questions - Hundreds of tested games with REAL Audiences over several years. We know what works!

Social Media Platform - Our platform is interactive, and provides input from posts, feedback from posts, LIKES and YIKE's and from monitoring and reporting.

Notifications - Email notifications are sent during the game to players to let them know the status (no posts, players and leaders) of the game, from start to finish, and points in betweeen. It can also include your messages and links to your website.

Prize Awards - Winners are determined by your criteria, then everything else is handled by Teffecx Company. No fuss, no hassle, no effort.

Credibility - Third-party handling of contests make them appear more legitimate, a key factor in encouraging contestants to participate.

Legal - We keep your contests legal. No lotteries, pools or gambling issues to shut you down and damaging your reputation.

And speaking of your reputation, having us working on issues shields you from unhappy players as opposed to your in house or consultant web developer hide behind you.

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