Creating Great Games!

Our signature games, Favorite Song Friday and our powered game platform, Post Parlay, bring a diverse set of people together for both camaraderie and competition in a very fun environment. Favorite Song Friday, our original game, allows players to post their favorite music to a theme, and get others to like their posts. This is a perfect venue for your product or service, as the reward for either popularity or creativity.

Post Parlay is our Favorite Song Friday game customized to your needs. The FSF engine powers your games, allowing you to brand a game, more closely matching it with your product or service. Not only does this directly draw more players to your website, but we also advertise your games to our clentele, giving you wider exposure than if you would have created your own site game.

Whether it's Favorite Song Friday or Post Parlay, we provide the game, monitor the game, and award the prizes to the winners. All you have to do is effortlessly enjoy a new source of potential customers. It's a WIN-WIN for all!

This could be the key to driving more site traffic, brand awareness and attention to your product or service! Click here for pricing details and to get started!

Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!