Attracting Great Players!

Our players do more than post it and forget it, hoping that you will pull their name. They oftentimes forms communities. The memorable experiences our players bring to a game with their musical posts create relationships that extend outside of the games themselves. Not only can that mean a more positive experience for your brand to piggyback on, but to extend it to relationships beyond the players! Some of our online players have become real life friends!

While they compete for a prize, players celebrate the winners. It makes looking forward to the next game, and next experience, an anticipation our players can't wait to engage again.

In addition to playing the game, it is also a spectator sport. Scores of viewers enjoy watching the games, and the joy they get by having a favorite song bring them back to wonderful memories of the past and present. While some may never create a post, they can either LIKE or YIKE an entry. No one ever feels left out.

Finally there are public views, where anyone can see a current or a previous game. And all the while, your brand is there, viewed by both players and visitors to the site.

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Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!