Awarding Great Prizes!

It feels wonderful to win a prize, but it's more memorable to be awarded one! Participating in a contest, and being a contestant, are vastly different experiences. Our players, who are your potential customers, know the difference, and want a memorable experience.

When someone signs up on a form or puts a business card in a fishbowl, the odds can be low for winning. If they have a chance to increase the odds, they'll participate more, and that's what our games offer. Of course, the prize has to be worth it. This is where you come in.

A prize should be a reflection of your business, and while giving away the store might not be a good idea, giving someone a taste or trial can be fantastic advertisement. A prize that is competed for will be an experience that is shared. We will work with your goals to put your prizes in the best way, so that it's not only great advertising, but helps you win new business!

In addition, we can pair your prize with enhancements that will make it more valuable. You own a restaurant? We'll look for complimentary sponsors, like a flower shop or wine store. Own a theater or movie house? We'll look to pair you with other party favors. This not only makes your prize more valuable, but will also attract more players, which gives you more opportunities to get new business.

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Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!