We Provide Value!

Interaction: Unlike many online contests, ours is social, meaning that our contestants come back to play or review. This means your product or service brand is re-enforced through repeated display.

Engagement: Your product or service is part of the game, and part of the fun.

Marketing: Beyond game interaction, we provide other areas of contact, such as email and social media marketing of your game.

Turn-key: Contact us, submit a gift card or certificate prize. We do the rest, and report the results back to you!

Exposure: We build our own audiences with our own games, Favorite Song Friday. We can market your games to them as well.

Value: Compared to SEO, PPC, Online Ads, Email Marketing and other digital venues, we provide superior customer engagement at a significantly lower cost!

Secure: We use SSL protection, the same type of security technology used in secure transmissions of e-commerce data.

Ready: We can deploy games in a very short window to meet your needs through our Favorite Song Friday services.

Cost-Effective: Unless you are going to run contests often, the expense of building your own does not square with an immediate ROI for one organization.

Expertise: We specialize in running online contests and attracting audiences. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

Results: When you count the costs, efforts and fuss, why wait for a solution you can have sooner rather than later?

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Making the case: Why Use Us to Run Your Contests!