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  • Our most “Straight Out Of The Box” product!
  • Our fill out forms product will have your contest up and running fast.
  • You supply the needed details (contest sponsor, contact info, start/end dates, prize).
  • We supply you the link to your contest on our hosted platform.
  • We send you filled out contestant information.

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  • Our most complete “Turnkey” product!
  • See how are run contests prior to launching your own.
  • Our long-running contest racked up hundreds of contestants!
  • Award a prize as part of our Goodie Bag Contest.
  • Sponsor a contest or advertise with an ad.

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  • Customized contests for your marketing campaigns!
  • We can Design a contest to your specifications
  • Flexible, custom contest forms for better demographics
  • Qualify contestants by geography
  • Customized Terms of Service, Contest Rules and Privacy Policy pages
  • Customized reporting

Who Benefits from Contests?

Old radio
  • Build both an online and on air presence
  • Get detailed info (residence, phone #, etc) about your fanbase
  • Build online audiences without having them log in
  • Use our White Label services to and offer additional benefits to your advertisers
  • Build and OWN your online audience
  • Build your email marketing lists
  • Segment your audiences by their needs
  • Better track responses to your messages
Web Developer
  • Offer your clients additional services with contests
  • Build better value by packaging Contest Marketing with your web services
  • Increase your revenue by offering our White Label contest services to your clients
Stuffed Animals business
  • White Label our services to package with your offerings
  • Use as a part of your own marketing package
  • Satisfy your customers with additional service offerings
  • Charge the markup you need
Individual Business
  • Interact and engage your audience with Contest Marketing
  • Build your email marketing lists
  • Test viability of your products and services through Contest Marketing

7 Reasons to do a Contest?

Test Before You Invest! The Internet allows you to reach so many new markets without having to set up shop. Contest Marketing can gauge a demand for your offerings.

Is there demand for your product or service? Your sponsored contests can gauge a demand for your offerings.Test Before You Invest!

Slower times call for creative marketing. Contest Marketing can be the way to perk up demand and fill those spots, possibly bringing in add-on sales.

Put that excess inventory to good use! Enhance your marketing campaigns by offering it as prize giveaways through Contest Marketing!

Sometimes it's not enough to sell your merchandise. Make Contest Marketing an exciting part of your selling experience! Offer items as desired prizes worthy of winning!

Make those who shop with you YOUR customers! Cut out the middle-man platforms, retake your customers and remake your shopping experiences. Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so own them outright!

Are you new to online marketing? One tool you want in your arsenal is Contest Marketing allowing you to communicate with your customers and form relationships that can ease you into the norms of online marketing at a reasonable cost.

Use Contests to Promote:


Use to reward fans or to build audiences!


Build up your followings (and reviews) by awarding special dishes or exclusive reservations!


Build anticipation, excitement and audience traffic to your locales!


Everyone likes a vacation (or staycation)! Nothing like featuring a getaway to a really nice place!


Make "Going Places" a real treat!


Services can play the Contest Marketing game too, And WIN!!!


Slow periods? Excess merchandise? Clearance items? Turn them into marketing opportunities!

Contest Feature
Do it With Us!
Do it Yourself!
Do it With You!
Trial - Run a single contest for FREE! Limitations apply.
Single - Run a single contest tailored to your needs. Good for running sporadically.
Multiple - Run multiple contests, either consecutively or overlap. Can also run simultaneously in different markets.
Subscription - run frequent contests and save!
Sponsorship - Take the worry out of setting up your own contests by sponsoring ours!
Ads - Take advantage of our popular contests by running your relevant ads along side of our contests!
Reseller - Our White Label contests allow you to customize contests as a product offering or add on!
Free Trial, pricing starts at $29.99 per contest
Free Trial, pricing starts at $59.99 per contest
Custom pricing tailored to contest, call for quote

Contact us via email at Sales@ or by phone at 773-999-6313 to get started today!

"Because In A Poorly Run Contest, The Odds Are Always Against YOU!"