Gaming Pricing!

Goodie Bag - Easiest. We provide the game and audience, you provide the prize. This is a fantastic way to experience the game experience at no risk to you!

Min. Prize Amount: $20.00, preferably in a gift card or certificate form.
Cost: Free, not including the prize.
Availability: First come, first served.

Favorite Song Friday - Same as above, but you exclusively sponsor a prize under our games. In addition, players are notified by email and text, and a link is created to your website. There are no setup fees. Reporting is available for an additional fee.

Min. Prize Amount: At least $25.00, preferably in a gift card or certificate form.
Cost: $29.95/game, plus the amount of the prize.
Availability: First come, first served.

Post Parlay - Using the Favorite Song Friday platform, you can craft your own games, and your own prizes. You can either run off of our Post Parlay platform, or we can set everything up so that it appears as if it were a part of your own website. There is no minimum amount, since you determine what the prize levels are. Included options are email and text notifications, landing pages to your website and for special offers. We include reporting so that you can see the activities and progress of your games. If you want, Teffecx Company can administer your games and handle the awarding of your prizes. Call 773.288.7382 for more information!

All prizes:
- For every game except Post Parlay, the minimum prize amount is $20 per client prize.
- The recommended prize type is either a gift certificate or card. Additional charges, including shipping and handling, may be added to the cost of administering your prize. You will be informed in advance if this is the case.
- All prizes have to be delivered to Teffecx before the start of a game.
- All game charges and fees are to be paid before the start of a game.
- No prize substitutions or changes are allowed by the sponsor after a game is advertised or has begun.

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